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Local Declarations 3.4 Undeclared Target Namespaces 4 Advanced Concepts II: The International Purchase Order 4.1 A Schema in Multiple Documents 4.2 Deriving Types by Extension 4.3 Using Derived Types in Instance Documents 4.4 Deriving Complex Types by Restriction 4.5 Redefining Types & Groups 4.6 Substitution Groups 4.7 Abstract Elements and Types 4.8 Controlling the Creation & Use of Derived Types 5 Advanced Concepts III: The Quarterly Report 5.1 Specifying Uniqueness 5.2 Defining Keys & their References 5.3 XML Schema Constraints vs.XML 1.0 ID Attributes 5.4 Importing Types 5.5 Any Element, Any Attribute 5.6 schema Location 5.7 Conformance A Acknowledgements B Simple Types & their Facets C Using Entities D Regular Expressions E Index E.1 XML Schema Elements E.2 XML Schema Attributes This document, XML Schema Part 0: Primer, provides an easily approachable description of the XML Schema definition language, and should be used alongside the formal descriptions of the language contained in Parts 1 and 2 of the XML Schema specification.

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Double your dating second edition pdf

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1 Introduction 2 Basic Concepts: The Purchase Order 2.1 The Purchase Order Schema 2.2 Complex Type Definitions, Element & Attribute Declarations 2.3 Simple Types 2.4 Anonymous Type Definitions 2.5 Element Content 2.6 Annotations 2.7 Building Content Models 2.8 Attribute Groups 2.9 Nil Values 3 Advanced Concepts I: Namespaces, Schemas & Qualification 3.1 Target Namespaces & Unqualified Locals 3.2 Qualified Locals 3.3 Global vs.

In addition to the sections just described, the primer contains a number of appendices that provide detailed reference information on simple types and a regular expression language.

The primer is a non-normative document, which means that it does not provide a definitive (from the W3C's point of view) specification of the XML Schema language.

XML Schema Part 1: Structures and XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes provide the complete normative description of the XML Schema language.

This primer describes the language features through numerous examples which are complemented by extensive references to the normative texts.

This section describes the status of this document at the time of its publication. A list of current W3C publications and the latest revision of this technical report can be found in the W3C technical reports index at

This is a W3C Recommendation, the first part of the Second Edition of XML Schema.

A separate list of all such corrections is available at


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