Who is pierce brosnan dating

Smith met actor Pierce Brosnan on a beach in Mexico on April 8, 1994.

In May 2007, the Brosnans donated $100,000 to help replace a playground on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

In 2009, the Brosnans visited the White House to help Congressman William Delahunt and Congressman Eni Faleomavaega introduce legislation to close loopholes on commercial and scientific whaling worldwide.

It is something he plays on in his new film, The Love Punch, a goofy farce that nods to the Bond movies with its glamorous globe-trotting locations (London, Paris, the French Riviera) and frenetic chase sequences. Thompson and Brosnan hold the film together as a happily divorced former husband and wife. We both had a background in buffoonery and slapstick which lent itself to the high jinks of The Love Punch.” It’s interesting, too, to see a Hollywood star playing against a romantic lead his own age, when the tendency seems to be to cast older leading men with women 20 years younger. So you have a get-out.” Because it’s self-aware, I say? But I do love the notion of the younger woman, as I’m now the older man.

Except that the cars are dinky hatchbacks and the movie’s central diamond heist is carried out by a group of retirees – Brosnan, Emma Thompson, Timothy Spall and Celia Imrie – more likely to provision themselves with a round of egg mayonnaise sandwiches than a gun. “She is so beguiling, so bedazzling and of great heart and kinship, it’s easy to fall in love with her,” says Brosnan. Are we in Europe less squeamish about the idea that older people might find each other attractive? “It’s so manicured and codified in America; they don’t really venture into the realms of reality when it comes to the relationships of men and women; they go to the market of youth.” Does it feel odd, I wonder, when you’re cast against a woman half your age? You see it in men, that fear that the clock is ticking, the clock is ticking, and women become more and more beautiful, every age group.

There has always been an atmosphere of glamour about the man.

Today he looks bronzed and handsome, in black cords and a black moleskin jacket. He speaks languorously, his accent a mixture of Irish and American.His father, Thomas, left his mother, Mary, when Brosnan was two; the young Brosnan was shuttled between friends and grandparents and the Christian Brothers, a group whose brutality towards the children in their care was the subject of a newspaper expose in 1964.(Brosnan has spoken in the past of the “paddybats, the straps that would fly out of the soutane like vipers’ tongues, the beatings amid the prayers”.) In the same year, Mary was able to send for her son to join her in England, where she had sought to make a new life.She looks incredibly attractive in the film, I say. It just becomes this lustfulness of yearning and want.There are just so many gorgeous women and your attitude to time and the ticking of it, and what could have been.” Brosnan’s own experience is rather at odds with this wolfish talk, because he could be described as a committed monogamist.They got married and Smith, perhaps, found rather too much comfort in Brosnan’s arms, leading many to speculate that being the reason for her weight gain.


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