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If he guessed wrong, he must pay cash to pass this stair-well.(If the building has a lift it will be usually blocked by the bride's team; but if the groom manages to find another way to the bride's apartment than the stairs, it's his right.Usually students worked in "stroyotryad" (temporary organized group of workers) during summer to make some pocket money and at the same time having "work experience" - seldom connected with their future profession, usually in building industry in the country side; this "third working semester" was mandatory for all students.

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There are posters with jokes about family life and wedding all over the walls on his way up made by the bride's friends.

Each stair-well is a challenge for the groom - he must answer a question to be allowed to make those few steps up.

But there is much more before they are allowed to go! The best friend of the groom/bride usually acts as his/her "witness".

Those witnesses must prepare a script for the wedding so guests are entertained all the time.

They meet before the wedding a few times, make posters, write speeches and invent contests.

(As was said before, Russians marry early, usually when both partners are still at college or university.

It's a team work - bride's friends ask devious questions (sometimes about a bride, sometimes just difficult enigmas), and the groom must answer with the help of his friends.

For example, he may be shown a few photos of baby girls and he must say which one is his bride.

The ceremony in ZAGS is similar to what happens at a civil ceremony in the West - the bride and the groom will be asked if they want to marry each other, and they must answer "Yes", then they exchange rings, then they kiss each other, then sign the registry, then the witnesses sign.

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