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And neither could I a few years back, mainly because I hadn’t built up the muscles needed to do so.

Download Nike’s running app and set yourself up a challenge of running 10k by a certain point.

If you’re struggling to keep this 'new year new you' thing going then please allow me to suggest you take up running full time. And the way that I know that is because that's what I used to think, and then I ran, a lot, and now I can run. Combat the lack of cost effectiveness involved in running by running TO places.

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Sure, you end up with a huge piles of shoes and clothes under your desk at the end of the week but the more clothes, the more running you did, so good job.

I’ve worn my gym kit to after-work visits to the pub, to the cinema, to a friends’ birthday and out to dinner.

Sure wearing leggings, battered trainers and a greying t-shirt in a 'nice place' might be frowned upon by certain people but when the time comes to head home afterwards your friends will all trudge to the nearest station while you’ll just do a few stretches and head off on your merry way. Hey, if you’re not a morning person then I totally sympathise.

There is nowhere I’d rather be than my bed at any give, time of the day.

If I could, I’d marry my bed and sell all my friends so I could move to the Bahamas with it.

Getting up is hard, getting up to run is nigh on impossible. Pack your running rucksack the night before and sleep in your running clothes so when the morning comes you can literally just get up and go.

You are living in Hong Kong now, where were you brought up? I was born in the US, in Philadelphia, and raised in China. School was very difficult; I could not understand anything, but at 15 it is still easy to learn a language, so I picked it up very quickly. I like a challenge and that was really challenging. I am not as outspoken or as outgoing as I would like to be.

I went to China when I was six because my parents needed my grandparents to help raise me. But, when it comes to thinking, I am definitely more American than Chinese. It’s a special marathon to me, the first one I ever did, in January 2013, and since then, I have returned every year. Definitely road – I am a marathoner first and foremost. I also run trail races differently from road races.

On her own admission, she races too much because she can’t say no to new experiences. She defines herself as a marathoner, even if she still runs trail despite feeling it has too many distractions compared to road running.

“In trail running, there is this extra fun – it comes from the beautiful scenery, or from how high you climb.

“She is too small.” This was the verdict of the organisers of the Mt.


  1. Horny as hell, Monique seeks out someone on set to help her get her fix.

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