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We called ourselves “Twookers” and i still have a Twitter list of that name.Twitter allowed us to connect in a real way, to support each other, share information and ideas.There are scant few sex workers verified on Twitter even though its the preferred social media outlet for the marginalized group.

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Spanking, corporal punishment, scholastic discipline, female correction and humiliations.

We also stock a large range of these specialist interests Bondage, latex, fetish, stockings, high heels, female domination and BDSM.

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We were able to create our own social media support support system for a group of people who are often discriminated against, marginalized and often just flat out denied access to the the things everyone else is allowed to participate in.

We cant use linkedin, we get chased off Facebook for having stage names, tumblr hides our accounts from public view, instagram deletes us with no warning.

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  1. They were eliminated in week six of the competition, and came in eighth place.

  2. Phil—or whoever manages the TV therapist’s Twitter account—quickly deleted a controversial tweet this week, which said “If a girl is drunk, is it okay to have sex with her? “Sexual contact without verbal, sober, conscious consent is rape,” she said in her petition, “and yet, this respected television doctor is questioning whether sex with a person who is incapacitated is rape at all.” Dr.

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