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The Locks had purchased Butley Hall with the aid of funding from their bankers, Allied Irish Bank (“AIB”), who had also agreed in principle to make funding available for the development.

The claimant, Pickard Finlason Partnership Ltd (“PFP”), is a multidisciplinary professional building design consultancy practice, based in Hale, Cheshire. In 2008 the defendants, Adele Lock and Matt Lock (“the Locks”), purchased a grade 2 listed property in Prestbury, Cheshire, known as Butley Hall, with a view to its development.

At the time Butley Hall was subdivided into 7 self-contained apartments.

The size and shape of the bowl changed over time, making it a useful tool for dating. Harrington, who worked at Jamestown, looked at bowls that still had part or all of the pipe stem attached.

Except bowls are not found as often as pipe stems, which occur in abundance on sites. By analyzing the data, Harrington determined that the diameter of the pipe stem became smaller over time, unlocking a great tool for dating. Check out this chart to see the date ranges for each pipe stem diameter: To make use of the above chart, you first have to identify the diameter of the pipe stem in question.

Dates allow archeologists to connect a site/deposit to a specific time period, allowing us a better understanding of the past.

Historical archeologists have an advantage when it comes to dating because of the written historical record.That the adjudication fragments the existing proceedings by pursuing Twintec alone when the issue referred to adjudication is, in fact, a multi-party dispute.That the adjudication is oppressive in that it imposes an unconscionable burden on Twintec.Although an object may have a known manufacturing date, this does not mean that the object was used when it was made. A hand-me-down set of dishes you inherited when you went to college?A known manufacturing date tells us that the site cannot be older than the object, but that doesn’t mean that the site is not a lot younger. The presence of these things can throw off the mean ceramic date. In an ideal world, every deposit would contain a dated penny.Twintec was a sub-contractor engaged by VFL to construct the floor slabs for a substantial warehouse at Avonmouth, near Bristol.

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