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Ms Meister said the man seemed keen to share every aspect of his life with her when he messaged her every single day.'I'd never been on dating websites, and I only used Facebook for business.

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'I know I'll never get my money back but all you can do is raise awareness.

If you go weak at the knees for a blue-eyed brunette, you could be headed for danger as experts have revealed these are some of the most common traits found in romance scammers.

I knew at that point, I'd been scammed.'She didn't pay for their medical fees - and the pair stopped talking for about a week.'He then tried to request more money to cover his medical fees but at that point, I had gone through my last dollar,' she said.'I couldn't pay him anymore and I even told him I wasn't going to send him any more money.

Shortly after that, he made a "miraculous recovery" but I'd stopped talking to him by then.'Ms Meister even tried to report the incident to police but there was nothing they could do after she was conned out of $100,000 in total.

But when the parcel reached Kuala Lumpur airport, there was a $25,000 fee to let the cash leave the country.'Carlos had listed my business address on the documents so I was worried.

I thought, "God, there's a brief case full of money with my name on it",' she said.'By that time, I thought it might look suspicious if I let my money in my name sit there, I was kind of thinking "well I've got to pay this money to get my money back".

In recent years digital marketing has undergone a transformation with content marketing becoming an increasingly important means to create a brand online.

Like any other field, online marketing is rapidly developing into some directions and out of others, leaving some outdated practices.

Patricia Meister, from Queensland, struck up an online relationship with who she thought was a dashing middle-aged businessman after he sent her a friend request on Facebook in 2015.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the woman revealed the moment she fell head over heels in love, before discovering her Italian lover named 'Carlos' was a Nigerian fraudster.

And so he needed a payment to retrieve them.'The first amount I sent him was ,000.


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