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Your team can do this by having agents refine articles as they use them.

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Updating ability and reading strategies are considered as important factors in the buildup of a mental model of a text.

However, only few studies examined the relation of updating and knowledge of reading strategies with reading comprehension.

If one person holds knowledge about a particular system, have them document it.

If customers are commenting about a service, update your documents with that feedback.

If your team receives multiple common tickets, create an article about the topic.

Put simply, having a knowledge base to work from helps agents respond to and resolve issues faster.

The time it takes to train new agents can become costly.

One way to get people to deliver value quicker is to always have up-to-date knowledge accessible for your team.

The results showed that updating ability did not contribute to reading comprehension, when other predictors were controlled, whereas knowledge of reading strategies had an independent effect on reading comprehension.


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