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You need to add Repositories, in order to access the zip files containing the Add-ons!

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I then removed “.config/kwalletrc” and “.local/share/kwalletd/*”. This time, it was unlocked with my login password, and that happened silently in the background. Beyond that, “Leap 15.0” seemed to be running well. Checking for other orphaned packages, showed that there were quite a few.

A login message told me that “yakuake” was running. The upgrade went pretty well, except for the displayed information stopping part way through. In the past, I have always preferred a clean install instead of an upgrade.

I first booted the clone VM, to make sure that it could boot into Leap 42.3. Then on the “hardware details” screen of the viewer, I configured the virtual DVD device to use the DVD installer iso for Leap 15.0. So all of that disk activity must have been from the install continuing to go on. It was not happening on the Leap 42.3 system before upgrade.

I also checked the box to enable the boot menu (under “boot options”). As soon as the boot message was showing, I clicked the ESC key, and that took me into the firmware settings page. And in the firmware boot manager, I indicated that it should boot from the DVD. Apparently, it was just the screen display that was not updating past the installation of “Marble”. I next logged into Gnome, and even there I was prompted for the “kdewallet” key. The upgrade installed “kwallet-pam”, and that is set to open “kwallet” on login. I did not have “kwallet-pam” installed on the 42.3 system before upgrade.

It mostly seemed to be going well, except that something strange happened. I logged out of the desktop, and used CTRL-ALT-F1 to login at a virtual console.

I checked what processes were running under my userid, and killed a few left over from the previous desktop session (going by time stamp). Next, I logged into KDE, and allowed “kwallet-pam” to initiate the creation of a new “kwallet”.

I apologize for the delay, as this is taking MUCH longer to pull everything together than I had hoped. Download the latest full version of Kodi, and install it on your computer. This page was originally written for older versions of the Kodi interface (before 17), but has been updated for the newer interface.

This is the framework for your entire media center!

After the oddities of this upgrade, I go back to my old policy of preferring a clean install.

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