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In short, there simply aren’t enough teachers to educate our young people and it’s a crisis that is entirely politically manufactured.

At that point, as well as dealing with a spiralling workload, they were also being insulted each morning on the radio, in the press or in parliament by the then Education Secretary Michael Gove.

The very man who should have been fighting their corner in an age of cutbacks instead spent his days inventing some very creative names for teachers: “the blob”, the “enemies of promise”, “soft bigots” with “low expectations”.

Meanwhile we’re shedding existing teachers from our schools at record rates: 10,000 departed the profession between 20, and the pace of that loss is speeding up as disillusionment grows.

Another £3bn cut to budgets is anticipated in the coming years – likely to be confirmed in Philip Hammond’s Budget next month – meaning that spending will reduce by 8 per cent per secondary pupil within the next three years.

Drawing on the basis of my clinical practice working with lots of children and young people, in this day and age it is inevitable that children will want to access and make sense of social networking.

''They enjoy using this tool but there is a danger that these virtual interactions filter out problematic or emotional issues, which in real life, support social and emotional development.

Government recruitment targets have been missed in the majority of subjects, including physics (by 19 per cent) and mathematics (by 16 per cent).

Design and Technology only reached 41 per cent of its recruitment target this year.

Teachers aren’t uniquely sensitive creatures; they are experts in their field and, by voting with their feet and leaving their vocation, they are sending a warning to the Government that something is seriously wrong Schools are reaching a crisis point.

By 2025 there will be 3 million pupils of secondary school age, but not enough young people are choosing to become teachers themselves. Early last September, half of places on some such courses were sitting empty with just days to go before classes began.

Gove was later replaced by Nicky Morgan, who, instead of repairing fractured relations, sought to rub salt into the glistening wounds.

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