Chatroomcams - Css keeps validating 100

The following HTML example (using the META element) forwards the user from one page to another after a timeout.

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Content developers should use structural markup and use it according to specification.

Structural elements and attribute (refer to the index of HTML elements and attributes to identify them) promote consistency in documents and supply information to other tools (e.g., indexing tools, search engines, programs that extract tables to databases, navigation tools that use heading elements, and automatic translation software that translates text from one language into another.

Well-crafted metadata can provide important orientation information to users.

HTML elements that provide useful information about a document include: Note that the (mandatory) TITLE element, which only appears once in a document, is different from the "title" attribute, which applies to almost every HTML 4.01 element.

The history of changes to the series of documents as well as the list of open and closed issues are available.

Readers are encouraged to comment on the document and propose resolutions to current issues.For information about the other documents in the series, please refer to "Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" .Note: This document contains a number of examples that illustrate accessible solutions in CSS but also deprecated examples that illustrate what content developers should not do.Please send detailed comments on this document to the Working Group at [email protected]; public archives are available.The English version of this specification is the only normative version. The list of known errors in this document is available at "Errata in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines." Please report errors in this document to [email protected] to a published formal grammar and declaring that validation at the beginning of a document lets the user know that the structure of the document is sound.


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