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The netizen expressed that he saw Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young in Australia in March, presumably on vacation.

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At the film’s premiere in Seoul on April 3, Park opened up at the press conference to reveal she felt pressurized shooting the nude scene, reported Korean media.

“When I first got the script, there was no sex scene.

“The main concept of this movie is femme fatale and I had Sharon Stone’s ‘Basic Instinct’ in mind when I was directing this film,” said Kim.

“Park Si Yeon’s physical temptation was necessary to portray that fatal attraction,” he added.

Only when i reading the webtoon I can make an conclusion of Jung character. Don't know why when I remember the last episode with sad ending,it's break my heart and makes my tear drops T. I already watching so many K Drama but this drama has torn my heart apart. And for In Ho and Hong Seol, i really wish a happy ending for them not in a lover state, but in term of their aspiration and glad finally their made it (Seol for having a good job and In Ho as Well Known Pianist). For me, it was really innapropriate for director to cut Yoo Jung's scene.. there's a rumor that this will have a continuation? anyway, it's almost 2 years since it was aired but i'm still watching it! The hardships portrayed by the characters makes us to want them to had a better ending especially the twins and seol, i can't say im happy with the ending, I've watched a lot of series with this like of endings, but rarely i get this heavy vibes with which this series gives me. I had resisted watching this for a long time due to the infamous "ending" or non ending, to be more precise.

And Im really glad that yoo jung could stay away from everyone cos he's such pain in the arse and he really need to learn that he can not control and manipulate everyone else life as he pleases! Need season 2 ASAP It was really enjoyable, annoying, interesting, and mixed feelings.. Still, decided to watch it and found a completely different drama world. it's extremely different from most of the stereotypes that has been runnin' so far! Considering the aftermath of this show, (material of the lead actor being filmed and left out)am willing to bet that the biggest villains in the "botched " second half are TVN executives who wanted to showcase the second lead (He was headlining Entourage remake- which seems to have deservedly flopped) and decided to use this show as his show reel of sorts (worst kind of in film marketing) ,a huge crime against viewers of this show. It's just so sad seeing their past, when they are friend. I have recently come across material of this shows productjon problems and am saddened that the show was purposefully botched up. Reverberations about Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young relationship continued around the Korean entertainment world from yesterday, a photo of them together in a photo when they were in Australia for a vacation was uploaded into the internet, lending weight to the rumors. I will be a passionate husband and surprise her each and everyday of our life. I put a necklace on her while we were on a hot air balloon in Australia, we vowed to love each other.It was only after several heated discussions with the director, Kim Hyung Joon, and co-star Park Hee Soon, that Park Si Yeon agreed to go ahead with the filming.


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