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She successfully took over the facilitation of a weekly grief group where she fostered relationships with the family members of the victims.In addition she assisted in developing a program to support self-care for the other professionals involved in providing support at the court house.That way, it’s easier to shoulder when life takes your expectations, spins them upside down, and smacks them into the sidewalk.

So for couples who get married young, they’re bringing a lot less baggage into the relationship.

Less time spent single means less exes, means less baggage, means less stress in the relationship.

That makes it much easier to roll with life’s punches, and learn lessons about life, relationships, and marriage way earlier than most other people do. No one’s expecting you to throw a huge wedding bash, and you get to save all that money.

For a lot of people, marriage is the holy grail that they’ve been waiting for all their lives.

You get to experience what it’s like to The list is truly encouraging…

A lot of young people are very scared of getting married early…

She has diligently worked to develop the Mother Emanuel Empowerment Center Team since its creation in August 2016.

With a calling towards supporting a community impacted by immense grief, she has successfully responded to the survivors, family members of the victims, church members, and many others forever touched by the tragedy that took place on June 17, 2015.

Instead, your patterns and habits will grow out of the time you share with each other, rather than have to be changed for the other person. When you get married early, you haven’t spent a decade or two looking forward to how “perfect” marriage is going to be when you get there.

You still might have expectations, but they won’t have the weight of years of hope behind them.

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