Quokka dating

pic.twitter.com/cf RHAJr VUM — Snickerdoodle (@Snicks_Goldmane) December 19, 2017 I went ahead and looked this up to see what tragic twist this has, and it’s not too bad.

My sister went however and she sent me her quokka selfies.

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The female quokka has two babies (called joeys) in a year.

The quokka moves in the same way as a kangaroo, using both small and large hops.

The word quokka is comes from a Nyungar word, which was probably gwaga.

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"As I walked back to my bike, the quokka chased after me," Campbell told the news outlet.

"I put down the Go Pro and it jumped at me as if to say 'come back.'" look pretty happy to see him.Surely it'd be hard to stay mad at this cute little thing, anyway. They like people, but they’re vulnerable to extinction and pretty much only live on that island so you can’t touch them and shouldn’t feed them.https://t.co/xl Bk03q CBU — Poly Jolly Christmas (@Dennywhere) December 19, 2017 Do they know they’re strange lyrics at all? It lives on some small islands off the coast of Western Australia, mainly on Rottnest Island near Perth, and Bald Island near Albany.A small number live on the main land in the protected area of Two Peoples Bay, which they share with Gilbert's Potoroo. The fluffy marsupial's often dubbed "the world's happiest animal" thanks to its cheerful disposition and trust of humans.


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