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His father was Vlad Dracul, so he was named Vlad Draculea (son of Dracul).Vlad junior earned his nickname, “Vlad the Impaler”, by his habit of thrusting people alive onto sharpened stakes.He has personal experi­mental know­ledge of very rapid rates of growth — even lab vessels used to collect drip water have become covered in a thick layer of calcite rock within less than 10 years.

He is said to have approached the problem of poverty by inviting all of his country’s beggars and paupers to a free feast—then he burnt down the building with all of them in it.

Sadly, Romania has yet to recover from a more recent bout of despotic evil, perpetrated by the notorious communist dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu (1918–1989) prior to his overthrow in December 1989.

It was through my scientific work that I came to realise that the order, beauty, and sense of fine humour with which the world is built cannot possibly come from chaos and randomness—I was sure there was a Designer.

“And for a long time, that was enough for my inflated ego.

He says, “my hobby had now become my jobby (job hobby)”.

His wife Flory, a former athlete in Romania’s national team, was a Baptist believer for many years before he was.

He says it was “a mockery of a car—an old Romanian imitation of the Soviet C, so we were nearly frozen solid when we got back to my place.” One night, still not a Christian, he was booked to do the translating after he had spent 4–5 hours surveying in a mine which, he says, “was so full of gases that the open flame of a carbide lamp would not burn.

It was a funny situation that night—my brain was so gassed I could hardly do the translation!

Given what is known about karst processes, this is virtually inconceivable. This would mean that the whole duration of the Quater­nary needs to be greatly com­pressed.

Present­ly, I regard my ‘datings’ as merely confir­ming that speleo­them growth fluctuated with the colder and warmer stages of the last stage of the Ice Age, not as accurate datings in any absolute sense.” Dr Silvestru explained to us that, even using such ‘way too old’ dating methods, no karstologists today would talk of ‘millions of years’ to form cave structures—even by conven­tional dating methods, the oldest accepted ‘date’ is about 600 years.

He says, “This brought nothing but problems from the communist regime.

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