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To get access to these courses that are esteemed, she steals the identity of a snobbish young blond dancer whose violently competitive mom lives vicariously through her....

For the sickly Professor X., a maturing Logan cares in a hideout close to the Mexican border The pair are surprisingly brought out of seclusion when a young mutant girl arrives and wants their help to keep safe....

Yet, that'sn’t from investigating them, stopping Jennifer Bryant. For with a significant drug deal between Rob Novak, a big time casino proprietor and Stanley Rubino, the son of a nearby drug kingpin, going down that night, the final matter Downs wants is Internal Matters breathing down his neck.

Leaving one to question as bodies fall and bullets ...

This sports play tells the real comeback narrative of world champion fighter Vinny "the Pazmanian Devil" Pazienza.

Following a terrible car crash, his physicians tell Pazienza he might never walk again.

He continues to train as a fighter, fighting to recover his belt just a year after and returning to the ring....

Focussing on several young lads that are German, sent to an idyllic beach and caught by the Danish government, their job will be to rid the pristine coastline of around 45,000 landmines in order to earn their independence.

A case-hardened handyman named Lee returns to his hometown in New England after the departure of his brother to take care of his 16-year old nephew, but his checkered past is also unearthed by his entrance.

Shortly, Lee comes back into contact with his estranged wife as he copes with life in his tight knit community that is former.

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