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Manning was furious and ended his friendship with Clarke.

Natalie did not find out about this incident until she was dating Clarke, and is deeply upset by it, ending her relationship with Clarke after he tells her.

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Did your father sign the memorandum of understanding?

He’s a mullet-havin’, sunglasses-wearin’ picture of masculinity who keeps threatening to leave his wife of 12 years. Then he pretends to fire the finger-and-thumb pistol at the audience. Mike walks offstage.* MANNING: Aww, don’t go cryin’ now!

It’s been a long road to humility, but he says he’s ready to face you again, so long as you call him “Mr.

He promised you “forever” and then ditched you for his dream girl out West.

He has his own film projector and enjoys “taking the top off the defense, man.” Here’s Jon!

He’s been “working on himself” for a little while now and thinks it’s time to spin the wheel of love once more!

What is social policy, and why are welfare systems important?

How have they been affected by the global financial crisis?

He acknowledges his adoring fans, taps lightly on his microphone and turns to face the camera.

For those times when you must decide between an inflated auto insurance payment and your destitute grandmother’s quality of life: Nationwide! Long in the tooth and always short on third down, it’s … MANNING: Our first bachelor is a man with a Super Bowl ring, a full head of hair and a soft spot for Rocky Top.

He winks at the audience and pretends his pointer finger and thumb are a pistol. He heard you were still looking for love and he decided to stop by.

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