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There Katyusha received treatment that was successful followed by BMT (bone marrow transplantation).

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She did not have tests for growth hormone and thyroid, because Katya grew taller, even if not much.

Katya was happy to see the doctor and the nurse who always comes along with the doctor and who put Katya on IV lines.

Her thyroid hormone level is somewhat low and she needs to take hormones. If everything is well during the next checkup, the doctor will recommend surgery on Katya's leg, as it is somewhat bowed after having metastases in her bones, and it will only get worse.

Surgery will be decided upon together with orthopedic specialist who already saw Katya. At the end of November, Katya is due for a checkup in Singapore.

We are very thankful to everyone who supports us and donates money for Katyusha! The day after our arrival, she had whole-body PET imaging. After comparing images to the previous ones, her doctor concluded that there are no changes, and Katya's body is cancer-free! The doctor did not offer bone marrow biopsy because he felt extra procedures are unnecessary if there are no indicators of a relapse.

So Katya's remission is confirmed and we can now breathe easier.We went to Singapore, to Katya's treating doctor, for tests.He tested Katya quickly and was happy to tell us results.Now she is already adapted again to the time change and enjoys seeing her girlfriends in the neighborhood.We are continuing raising funds for anti-relapse therapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Clinic in New York. At the end of June, Katyusha underwent planned follow-up tests in Singapore.Katya's hemoglobin count is not very good, so from time to time she receives blood transfusions.


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