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In the past few weeks we've witnessed the ongoing doxing of Sony.Everyone from political activists to hackers to government leaders has now learned how effective this attack is.I don't have the fortitude to deal with that so I just shut up.

I mainly bought this for day hiking trips and our upcoming trips to Disney and Canadian Rockies.

The size is good for what I was looking for (smaller than a regular backpack, yet bigger than a purse), but the downside is the pockets don’t open very wide so it was a challenge getting larger folded items in and situated.

“Getting a live show with your favorite porn star is like sitting down with your favorite actor or musician,” said Fattorosi, who offers legal advice to cam girls, porn stars, and camming studios, and is also engaged to marry a cam girl himself.

Tens of thousands of women around the world currently work as cam girls — also called “models” in the industry, Fattorosi said.

Consider the gaming dispute: When one woman was doxed, how did that affect any other women involved?

As such, it seems to me that doxing should be treated as an invocation of Godwin's law; that is, immediate termination of the entire discussion thread.This essay previously appeared on Beta Boston, who asked about a trend for 2015. Tags: anonymity, de-anonymization, games, privacy Posted on January 2, 2015 at AM • 78 Comments • January 2, 2015 AM Often, the term also extends to connecting an online pseudonym (and thus statements made with it) to the user's real identity (with just the name, or the name plus enough information to disambiguate from other people with the same name, such as a photo, general location, facebook page, or employer's name), without anything like an address or phone number included. (Might need to distinguish between silencing in a public forum, and in "private" like email) Where is the discussion happening about how, as a society, we deal with it? ) • January 2, 2015 AM @Bruce "Everyone from common individuals to corporate executives to government leaders now fears this will happen to them. The increased threat might change the way we think but will it result in meaningful protections or significant changes in behavior?And I believe this will change how we think about computing and the Internet." As you note, this isn't new. Your comments made me think of Joel Reidenberg's law class exercise involving the compilation of a 15 page dossier of public information on Justice Scalia in response to his dismissive comments about privacy protections for information on the Internet.Livejasmin.com, a popular cam-girl site, is one of the top 40 most trafficked sites with nearly 28 million visitors a month, according to Web-measurement service They can make a pretty good living by performing live in front of a camera out of their own homes.Surf Monster brings in some 00 to ,000 a day just by streaming adult web cams.I’d like it if the cell phone pocket could move up or down on the strap, but am pleased overall.

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