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Their reconciliation rocked the world of showbusiness - dividing critics and fans - but Rihanna has revealed her relationship with Chris Brown could go all the way, including having children together. I’ll never be a victim.’'She called me two days ago and reeled me in about two naked pictures Melissa [her best friend] put up on Instagram - a sneak-peek from a photo book she’s making about me.

Divulging the secrets in her life is starting to become important to Rihanna, who was discovered in 2005 and has worked ever since, and the 25-year-old singer has explained this is why she shares so much of her personal life on Instagram.

Rihanna, 29, is reportedly annoyed about her former boyfriend Chris Brown, 28, opening up about their tumultuous past in his new documentary titled Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life.

His accelerated rise to fame is a result of his rare ability to hit the trifecta for an entertainer: He can sing, dance, and put on a good show.

We can name the other Black artists who’ve mastered this and hit the top 40 on a single hand: Michael Jackson, Usher, Beyoncé, and Breezy.

"She never wants to be put in that position again, and she still carries pretty deep scars, as much as she tries to act otherwise."While her relationship with the With You hitmaker was difficult, the publicity the assault incident garnered over the years has been tougher to deal with for the songstress."The experience itself was hugely traumatic, but the way it played out so publicly added yet further to the trauma," the source said.

The fallout from the incident has been rough on the Work hitmaker but she does not want to dwell in the past."Rihanna wants to be known as this fierce, independent, strong woman — not be tainted with this weak, victim label," the source continued.

Suddenly thrust outside of my bubble of fuckboi intolerance, I was shocked to exit my cab and find a line snaking out the theater door and around the corner.

The crowd was mostly women, though I did talk to two 25-year-old men in line who admitted that their bromance was sparked by a mutual love of Brown’s music during their freshman year at NYU.

I believe in redemption, but Breezy isn’t there yet..

He takes ownership of his inability to control his anger, his lack of communication and dishonesty in his relationships, and his own ability to self-sabotage.

The biggest frustration from Brown and his supporters (some of whom are featured in the film, like DJ Khaled, Jennifer Lopez, Tyga, and Usher) is that this extraordinary talent is often overshadowed by the negative press that trails him constantly. is primarily a retelling of his rise to fame and the incidents that have landed him in jail, in court, serving community service obligations, and on probation.

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