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Asurion also reserves the right to require documentation proving your ownership of the device (bill of sale, receipt, proof of purchase or warranty exchange), a signed statement swearing to the veracity of your claim (they can even request you have it notorized, on your own dime), a copy of a government-issued ID, or "other records and documents that may be reasonably requested." Finally, as with most contracts you'll agree to as a consumer, Asurion requires you to agree to an arbitration clause, which essentially means you can't sue them outside of a limited number of circumstances, only pursue an arbitration hearing.This only applies in some states, however, so check the fine print at the very bottom of this document if you're interested in which ones are excluded.The Note phones are among the few that land the big 0 deductible, though the i Phone 5 / 5S / 5C may also end up there, as well.

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Yes, if insects, rodents, or "other vermin" damage your phone, that's not covered. If you submit a claim for a lost or stolen phone, Asurion may require (TOS varies per carrier) that you file a police report, obtain a copy or case number, the police station's phone number, and the name and badge number of the officer who took the report.

Asurion may not ever request you to submit the report or this information to them, but make no mistake: you may be required to do it under the terms of the policy.

AT&T Mobile Insurance is $6.99 per month with the "insurance only" option, and covers the same loss incidents as every other Asurion plan (accidental damage, loss, theft, and post-warranty mechanical breakdown).

AT&T has three deductible tiers (1, 2, 3), with any high-end smartphone landing in the tier 3 $199 deductible.

Sprint's Total Equipment Protection plan is currently offered at either $8 or $11 a month, depending on what deductible tier your device is in.

Most mid-range to high-end phones are in tier 3, meaning a deductible of 0, and a monthly premium of .

This is a significant advantage over the Verizon / AT&T plans if you're particularly likely to break or lose your phone, though you're obviously paying for it - the monthly premium is nearly double that of AT&T's.

Otherwise, this plan is just like AT&T and Verizon's, and offers the same level of coverage for the same loss situations.

Unlike Verizon or Sprint, AT&T's policy includes, if you mention it in the claim filing as part of your loss, a replacement for one of the following: carrying case, automobile cigarette lighter adapter, or standard wired earpiece. This is in addition to the battery, charger, and SIM card, if you're claiming them.

AT&T's policy on claims requiring you to return your damage device states that you have 10 days to send it back from the date you received the prepaid shipping label.

This plan covers the same sort of thing we've seen already - loss, theft, damage, and malfunction. For a month, you can get the Total Equipment Coverage (TEC) plan, which is like the TMP plan above, minus the lost phone / "tech coach" support line features you don't need.

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