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Socheta’s family was amazing, They gave us places to sleep, fed us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and took us out to the local club on the weekends.

They lived in a street that had a tiny market that was rather busy in the morning which conveniently provided a consistent wake up call everyday.

However its like this in a lot of places , but for me what really disgusted me wasn’t when I was asked if I wanted to die two times in one day, wasn’t when I got scammed at the border, wasn’t when I went to the killing fields located outside Phenom Phen and saw a tree where the Khymer rouge used to throw babies against because they didn’t want to use bullets to kill them (this saddened me more than disgusted). Not the prostitution of that you usually see with 20 something year old girls yelling at you from the street.

Socheta’s cousin took us to her English classes where Francesco and I told the class about ourselves and answered their questions.

I’m pretty sure some of the kids in the class knew more English than the teacher.

The people in the smaller towns are very kind and thanks to friend of ours, we were able to experience this first hand.

My friend Francesco and I met Socheta at a club one night in Phenom Phen.

They truly were amazing places, and it was incredible to see a kaleidoscope of different shades of green moss and the roots of gigantic trees engulf what was once one of the most powerful cities of ancient Indochina.

The Hate- When I first entered Cambodia, it was a border crossing that left every backpacker on the bus speechless.Thus, I will break up this post in regards to the love/hate relationship I have for Cambodia.. The transit infrastructure is pretty bad here and most of the villagers build their homes right next to the main road to have easy access to get to the next town.Thus by simply jumping on a bicycle and going on a ride will give you insight as to how people live there day-to-day lives.Visiting Angkor Wat was the high light of my stay in Cambodia.This place has been a point of interest for me since I started my trip and it was not one to disappoint.Get more of hardcore photo-sets and videos with shemale pornstars!

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