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Don’t we all know that to “judge a book by its cover” is superficial and just plain wrong?The reality is, even though we all have many wonderful layers of personality, experience and emotion, someone you’re meeting for the first time is probably going to judge you, and […] There’s not much worse in the dating world than being in a rut.

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It can be difficult not to give […] In the always-interesting world of dating and flirting, there’s nothing much worse than misreading signals from potential dating interests.

Universally, no one likes rejection, yet we always hear that life is about taking risks and chances, and not being afraid to go after what you want.

While new year’s resolutions are often grandiose (and often unrealistic) changes, we can instead choose to focus on attainable steps in 2018, which will improve our overall […] The holidays can be joyful, nostalgic, fun – and stressful.

With all the shopping, family get-togethers, office parties and work deadlines, it’s funny, (or not-so-funny), how a holiday about peace can be anything but peaceful.

For as long as parents have admonished their children "don't judge a book by its cover," most of us have been doing just that.

In the past 15 years, though, researchers have become interested in trying to systematically answer the questions: How much can those fleeting first impressions really tell us?It's no secret that people often judge each other based on immediate intuitions.We make split-second judgments of strangers all the time: When a student decides to drop a class based on minutes of a professor's teaching or when we meet someone at a party, our first impressions count.At events organized by companies like Hurry Date and 8Minute Dating, dozens of eligible singles meet up for a round of lightning-quick "dates"--sometimes as short as three minutes each--with 10 or 20 other people.At the end of each date, participants mark on a card whether or not they'd like to see the other person again.But be prepared, because this ain’t no sittin’ on the front porch, drinking lemonade stuff.


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