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Were you already prepared for the Rob-Cheryl dating rumors? Celebuzzers be sure to tune in to ABC tonight and vote for our boy Rob!

Rob, who didn’t exactly get raves from the judging panel during the first week of DWTS, talked to us about the “harsh” critiques of his performance, those pesky Cheryl dating rumors and all things Kardashian. I would never have seen myself do something like this — dancing in front of 20 million people live. It’s just getting me out of my element I thought it would be fun and challenging.

Yeah, I’d rather be here focusing on rehearsing to be honest. Just because it’s something I have never gotten the opportunity to do. How is it now that Kris Humphries is a part of filming? I just haven’t had a lot of time with him or the family.

You had great support in the crowd, Kim, Kourtney — does it make you more nervous having them there? I’m not really dieting, I still eat junk and all that kind of stuff.

No, It was good, I felt very comfortable to have everyone there and support me. I need to eat a little better, but definitely my feet are sore.

Others revealed the emotional and physical toll that the show took on celebrities.

Here are 15 surprising things the pro dancers revealed about the celebrity contestants.“Think of spending time with that for like eight to 10 hours a day, seven days a week for three months.” She also said the actor made her want to “slit [her] wrists.” She later apologized, saying she said those things in the heat of the moment and didn’t mean to mock suicide.But she also later claimed she didn’t regret saying that Ziering was her least favorite or that she was joking.“We literally had to invent and work with prosthetic doctors to create different feet and legs and that was pretty extraordinary,” he said.“For me, it was more extraordinary to see her eyes light up when she realized she could do things she never thought she could do.” Dancing partners don’t always work out on the show. We didn’t dance.” Cooper continued by asking Dovolani if he took a vacation after their time together.“She has a physician with her, who works on her whenever she feels pain,” the dancer said, according to ET.


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