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Though he experienced his first Knockout with Nick Diaz, he rocked the UFC, whereas, he started to receive a huge salary.Besides, UFC, he actively involved himself in several MMA organization including Super Brwal.

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He defeated Falaniko Vitale and became an ICON Sports Middleweight Champion.

Looks like Arianny Celeste is in the ring with Travis Barker.

Like the saying goes sleep your way to the MIDDLE then claw your way to the top…o_O Log in to Reply My wife and her sister are in the modeling industry and in the industry, she’s a total Biatchheaaache.

John’s right she dated 2 fighters and is currently dating another…

So that was the short introduction of the famous celebrity, you have to keep connected with this page to get more latest relationships from here.

In no way, shape, or form should Arianny Celeste be associated as “Tiki Ghosn’s girlfriend.” We all know Arianny from her career and I’m sure not a single person reading this is familiar with Tiki.

Anyway, I have a classmate in high school with the family name “Celeste” and it’s pronounced here as “selestee”.

If you believe I’m making up this story, Listen to this; She has a friend her in Vegas that had to often pick her up after a night out with the fighters.

One thin most people don’t realize in the beginning, she had to sleep around with the fighter to be requested to stay and was the 10,000 price per night of the president of the UFC.


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