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She is finally able to enjoy her life again on a very simple, basic level, just as she did at the beginning of the story.She starts out the show a simple, straightforward (though amoral) woman who wants nothing more than to have fun.

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In other words, he's rotten in bed; his parts don't work all that well.

But we see Roxie's real feelings for Amos in Roxie she does care about him (you could love a guy like that). She obviously isn't attracted to him, but is she in love with him? After years of dating bootleggers and gangsters, Amos was safe and sweet, but for a girl like Roxie, who dreams of fame and fortune, safe and sweet only last so long.

Roxie Hart is one of the most interesting characters Fosse ever fashioned.

Though she retains much of the character created by Maurine Watkins, Fosse gives her greater moral (or amoral) and emotional heft than her model.

And Nowadays becomes her new anthem of Lifes Simple Joys booze, men, sex, and fun.

Balance is restored to her universe, whatever we may think of that universe.Finally, at the end, stripped of everything and everyone, Roxie returns to the simple life she had before, once again interested in nothing more than having a good time.She has hit rock bottom and is finally able to step back and look rationally at where shes been and what shes done.Roxie is a child-woman, terribly innocent and nave in some ways, too worldly in others.She is not very bright and never thinks about the consequences of her actions before she says or does things.Roxie finally understand the absurdity of all she's been through, how stupid and how phony it all was, and it's not until she can learn her lesson that the Universe will give her the prize, her dream of performing in vaudeville.

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