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This mother said that before her son knew it, he received a call from the girl's "father." "He said that she was only 16, that he took her phone and he knows that there's been photos sent back and forth.And that his wife was furious and she wanted to take this to the police," she said.

Instead of the meeting, though, Judd said she was invited upstairs to Weinstein’s room, where he was wearing only a bathrobe.

He allegedly asked her if he could give her a massage or she could watch him shower.

report cites actress Ashley Judd‘s encounter with Weinstein.

She claims the producer once invited her to a hotel for what she thought was a breakfast meeting.

This mom wanted to remain anonymous, talking about her son's experience over one dating website."I could see through the text that she was taking it to a different level, starting to get a little bit more sexual," the mom explained.

She said the girl sent sexually-explicit pictures to her son, and in response her son sent pictures as well.

Nowadays, we never really know who's sitting behind these screens. He met a girl on the website who was supposedly over 18.

They started talking and then at some point it switched over to texting," explained one mother.

The next phone call her son received was a message from "Greenville County officer.""He was investigating, and that unless we work it out and informed him that it is worked out, if they chose to press charges they would file a warrant for his arrest and he could go to jail," said the mother.

Greenville County deputies said the people behind this trap will pinpoint and give specific names of investigators who work in the sex crimes or crimes against children unit."They've done their research," Sgt. In this case, the mother we spoke with said she even got a picture of a counseling bill over text message.

“Yes and that's a problem for law enforcement as well, because we're making the assumption that that individual is already arrested on a charge,” said Brown County Sheriff John Gossage.

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