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He'll likely have two beers and text you to hang out way before he's done with the running season.

My favorite part of this text is the word "may." As in, the guy isn't really sure if he will need to do that or not.

Our readers LOVED the ease and simplicity of flirting with their spouse via text so much that we have created a SECOND version just for you!

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I have a friend who ran in college and it did take over his life. It lets him know you're into him too, but not sitting around by the phone waiting for his call.

Patience is important in all stages of relationships, but particularly when you start dating someone with multiple major commitments.

I mean, shouldn't he know if you were in his pants or not?

I am proud to say that whenever a woman has been in my pants I have at least been aware of it.

TEXT: "I swear we gotta hang when I finish cross country in about 3 to 4 weeks." I am guessing that this guy is younger, in college, and not used to being attentive to a woman's feelings, but his lack of flattery is striking.

If he had said, "I've been having a lot of fun with you" before this statement that would at least indicate he's thinking about the good times you've already had.That being said, this guy probably doesn't own one.You may as well have said, "We're running low on Komodo dragons, can we borrow yours for the party? If this is a guy you have been seeing for a while I recommend taking him shopping. If not, no worries of course." And if you're really into bow ties your in-person response might be, "Can we go shopping together sometime? "Frankly, I'm shocked a guy has ever resorted to this sort of cliché. I am genuinely hoping that the guy that texted this to you is kidding.Here, he's just listing you as something to do on his to-do list (pun intended).His intention is good: he does want to see you and is just very busy with running. I'm guessing he's all for blowing, but in a very different way. Looking forward to it." If you are an emoticon person you can include a winky face here.I am guessing two minutes passed after the initial text and he got a bit drunk-panicky.


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