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We encourage you to look for these brands in-store: Hannaford Brand Products that are equal to or better in quality than the leading national brands for a lot less.

Nature's Place High-quality, certified-organic and natural products at affordable prices.

What if I can't find a product I enjoy at Hannaford?

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Taste of Inspirations Delicious, premium foods with quality you'd expect to find only at the best specialty-food stores.

Home 360 Grocery products that are equal to or better in quality than the leading national brands.

These dates are required because the effectiveness or nutritional value cannot be guaranteed by the manufacturer.

These products should not be sold or used after the expiration or use-by date.

On average, we carry more than 40,000 products in our stores.

If you have questions about the shelf life of one of our private-label items, please contact our Information Center by email or phone: (800) 213-9040.When compared to national-brand items, you will find little or no difference in the ingredients, and what variation there might be will not negatively impact quality or taste.The companies that develop the national brands invest money in advertising and research to develop their products. Because our private-label products do not have the research and advertising overhead, we can sell the products for less.If you are not satisfied with the quality, simply return the item and its original packaging to the store nearest you.Can you assist me with choosing products that do not contain gluten?We encourage you to click here to view a page on our site designed to help you identify which types of foods may contain gluten. A sell-by date indicates the last day a product can be sold and still provide a reasonable period of normal home storage and consumption.


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