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The song was also issued as a single in the US in November 1982. Mardin's contributions were recorded at Record Plant Studios in New York.The original demo of the track featured a guitar instead of horns.

The cafés, which attract millions of tourists each year, allow customers to buy marijuana over the counter and openly smoke it.

In the United States, donut shops are also popular places to drink coffee and hang out.

Hot Space is the tenth studio album by the British rock band Queen.

It was released on by EMI Records in the UK and by Elektra Records in the US.

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A café is a type of restaurant which usually serves coffee and snacks.

It shares some of the characteristics of a bar, and some of the characteristics of a restaurant, but it is different from a cafeteria, which is a type of restaurant where customers can choose from many dishes on a serving line.

In some countries, cafes more closely resemble restaurants, offering a range of hot meals, and possibly being licensed to serve alcohol. In the Netherlands, cannabis-selling cafés face an uncertain future under a planned new law banning smoking in public places.

"Body Language" is atypical among Queen songs, being the sole single released by the band that does not include guitar (save for during the closing strains, which are made more prominent throughout the 1991 remix).

Mercury, who composed the song on synth bass, had previously explored the instrument's potential with his contributions to the Flash Gordon soundtrack.

The bassline of May's "Dancer" was played on an Oberheim OB-Xa synthesiser by May.

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