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She warned: “Setting aside the claims of victims of the past is simply saying they are only out for the compensation money.It’s shocking, but it’s something we hear time and time again.” Her call comes after Scots lawyer Cameron Fyfe announced 800 victims were yet to be told if they were to get Legal Aid to fund their bids for compensation.Yesterday, Professor Marshall called on the churches and children’s organisations which ran homes where children suffered to acknowledge their failures.

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“Hundreds have been so badly traumatised, they desperately need counselling and psychological help. Beasts at work all over Scotland NAZARETH HOUSE, LASSWADE, MIDLOTHIAN Last year, Peter Blaney, 54, was jailed for six years for sexually abusing two brothers at the home 30 years ago.

NAZARETH HOUSE, ABERDEEN Evil nun Sister Alphonso was found guilty on four counts of cruelty to children in her care, over 35 years. NAZARETH HOUSE, GLASGOW Hundreds of former residents have come forward with claims of horrific abuse in the home, run by the Poor Sisters of Nazareth. NAZARETH HOUSE, KILMARNOCK Former residents claim they were beaten, force-fed and made to wear soiled underwear on their heads.

Cameron Fyfe says he has been severely hampered over the progress of around 800 civil actions involving abuse because of hold-ups by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

He said yesterday: “We have been waiting for months and still no further funds have been forthcoming. “Many of them haven’t even been able to enjoy a happy, loving relationship with their own children because of the horrific abuse they were subjected to while in care.

ST NINIAN’S, GARTMORE Former residents of the List D school claim they were subjected to electric shock punishments in home-made torture chambers, were beaten with whips and sticks and forced to eat their own vomit.

ST JOSEPH’S, TRANENT Police are interviewing former residents of the List D school who claim they were physically abused there more than 30 years ago.She said: “Sadly, there was such a huge lack of awareness, because nobody was there to investigate and there was a strong resistance to believe what these children were saying.“It only takes one or two persons with evil intent to exploit that situation and we can see how this has all happened.They claim they were scrubbed with strong disinfectant until their flesh bled and burned.SMYLLUM PARK HOUSE, LANARK The Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul are being sued by former residents, who claim they suffered beatings and force-feeding.He was allowed to prey on boys because the establishment – churches, schools and police – turned a blind eye.


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