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was angered at the way several media outlets handled the fake statement without verifying sources.

"I know Twitter's fun and we all have our moments and we joke around, but I'm looking at this as people have to start doing their research a little bit more – especially with celebrities and superstars," Omarion stated.

Omarion spent the weekend (once again) angrily reiterating his heterosexuality on Twitter and over the radio.

"You know, whatever people like is their business but I'm not gay or bisexual.

I love women and that's just what it is." The former B2K member ...

But is Ty doing more than working with one of the group’s remaining members?

The Internet is on fire with rumors that Ty is dating Lauren Jauregui.

"You can't just believe everything that you hear." The 'Ice Box' singer referred to the false release as "outrageous" and informed his supporters globally that he had no interest in men because "it's not that type of party." . The weekend hoax came only a day or two after the latest salvo in the escalating Twitter and You Tube beef among members of the former chart-topping boyband B2K.

Ricardo "Ricky Romance" Thornton, brother of De'Mario "Raz B" Thornton, blasted Omarion and claimed the singer was "fully gay" and it was an "open secret" in the industry.In fact, Shantel shares candidly why she has earned platinum status.Catch Shantel on The Platinum Life premiering October 15, 2017, at 10 PM.Shantel Jackson IG: Miss Jackson She’s been on the blogs for years, however, Miss Jackson has weathered the storms successfully.On The Platinum Life, the actress takes control of her wheel by letting the world know that she is more than a beautiful arm-piece to a well-known Midwest rapper.The hazy 'Sade & Juicy J' is about "embracing your inner woman" according to Alycia herself.

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