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Although our philosophy is to keep it simple we have implemented the best available techniques and systems and we are always looking to integrate new technology and innovation in to our entire growing, picking, packing and supply chain management process.

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Southern Paprika Limited (SPL) was formed in 1998 as a joint venture between ACL and The Levarht Company of Holland and the construction of a new 2.5 ha glasshouse commenced just outside of Warkworth which is around an hour’s drive north of Auckland.

Our company name, Southern Paprika, was created because we are in the Southern hemisphere, and in the northern hemisphere capsicums are known as Paprika. The joint venture came about as a solution to supply capsicum to Levarht’s customers in Japan from New Zealand in the Northern Hemisphere winter. Levarht’s international marketing experience has helped SPL grow rapidly into a large scale specialist in the capsicum market and since inception, the distribution network has strengthened and now incorporates consigning product to various supermarket chains and markets in Japan, Australia and Canada, while we try to keep up with the ever increasing domestic demand in New Zealand.

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In these 3 complex’s we have almost 1 million capsicum plants each producing around 40 capsicums per plant per season.

Alexander Cropping Limited (ACL) was started by Hamish and Robyn Alexander in 1984 leasing land and growing crops of melons and field capsicum for the domestic market.Conflict rages between "Pro-Choicers" and "Pro-Lifers" on almost every aspect conceivable - Post Abortion Syndrome, informed consent, the Breast Cancer link, Media bias, possible risks and complications , abortion related deaths ... Many factors have an influence on our thinking about abortion including philosophical and religious beliefs, powerful political & financial interests, ethical issues, the medical community and how the subject of abortion is presented by the media.Click through for one of the largest, most thorough resources on the Internet ...Our customers are currently based in Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and each customer has their own specific market requirements.We are the only major glasshouse operation in New Zealand that specialises in capsicum alone.The Levarht Company has been involved in the import and export of produce to Europe for more than 75 years including (from NZ) Apples, Onions, and Kiwifruit.


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