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Photos: 1 & 2) George Edward & Jennie Minerva (Milk) Conrad, early years; 3 & 4) George Edward & Jennie (Milk) Conrad, early years; 5 & 6) Jennie in wedding gown; Jennie in formal gown; 7 & 8) Grandfather Platt and his wife; 9) Possibly four generation picture, Jennie holding newly born Platt; 10-11) farm pictures possibly from Conrad or Oak Dene, Jennie’s farm. Second Annual Newton County Music Festival, Friday Evening, April 5, 1640, p.m.

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N.; Director of Nurses, George Ade Memorial Hospital Mari Lois Anderson, R. – Newton County Enterprise 2) Part of the crowd that was on hand to see Indiana’s best corn huskers “in action.” The contest was conducted on the County Farm grounds.

Tranbarger, Burdette Honn, Lloyd Blankenbaker, Bruce Summers; 2) Mt. N., Goodland; Head Nurse George Ade Hospital Helen Borman, R. N., 11-7 Supervisor, George Ade; Carolyn Morgan, Staff Nurse, Private Duty; Patricia Barce, R. On Line With Our Officers, Janet, Mike, Becky and Darlene: Beaver lake/Bogus Island landmark sign ready to be installed; Christmas Open House at Resource Center; February meeting at the Red Maple Restaurant in Kentland Photos: 1) A lesson in bomb-tossing is what George Ade (left) Indiana author, is getting from Governor M. Ade fired a bomb which opened the Indiana corn-husking contest.

Teeter, Burdette Williamson, Shattuck Ray Williamson, Ben Strange, Franklin Marian Williamson, 2) Nelson and Mary Ann (Nichols) Teeter 3) John & Maude Nichols, Gay and Maude (Graves) Nichols, 4) Mary Ann (Nichols) Teeter, 1915 Photos: 1) Teeter home west of Conrad, IN, 2) picture postcard sent to Mrs. Photo of four daughters of Hamilton and Mary Elizabeth Blankenbaker Crisler: Emily Jane, Marjorie Ellen, Sarah Alice and Margaret Lillian Photos: 1) Hamilton Crisler ca. 1880; 3) Orval Hamilton Crisler ca 1894; 4) Flora Alice Parke; (5) Orval Hamilton Crisler, age 12, 1905Kentland Men’s Clothing Store Served Several Generations by Darlene Truby Photos: 1) view of B&B store in the late 1800’s then owned and operated by John Keefe; 2) B&B Store in background taken during the 1960 Kentland Centennial; 3) original B&B Store with Paul Bruck and John (Red) Brewer owners; 4) Mike Ford, Paul Yost, Don Yost, B&B Store partners in 1962Photo of five generations of the Chizum family – baby Elsie Atkinson, 1914-2003, married Adam Styck; Minerva Roadruck, 1893-1984, married Fred Atkinson; Flora Chizum, 1874-1957, married Albert Roadruck; Catherine Ash, 1834-1918, married George Deardurff; Nancy Deardurff, 1854-1914, married William Chizum. Pictured George Weihermiller, Edwin Smith, Ed Forney, Tom Schlater. Four photos of building (1) Sherman White and Company; (2) J. (2) Rhonda Elijah, Diana Elijah, visitor, Rick Elijah, Hungarian husband and wife.

Jacob Nichols of Mary and Nelt Teeter, 1839, 3) picture postcard of Frank & Hattie Teeter’s home, 1908, 4) picture postcard of four horse team, Willas Williamson driving, Nelt Teeter on horseback, 5) Teeter’s providing water to road building crews, ca 1908 Pictures: 1) Russell Davis; 2) Mary Jane Davis; 3) Charles W. Brandt, Ed Brandt, Carol Anderson, Alice Mc Carty, Mrs. Close-ups of the Gem Store, Paul “Happy” Hanson’s Dry Goods Store, Hazenbiler Tailor Shop, David Hess Clothing and Grocery, E. Hess Drug Store/Elmer Hess, Denham and Stonehill Hardware, Homer Taylor Tin Shop, Ben Leopold Clothing, Montgomery and Snyder Drug Store, Bank of Brook Photo close-up: Bowling Alley (today Town Hall), Elmer (Al) Cline Barber Shop, a produce store (in 1927 owned by Owen Liskey, Post Office, Kemper Meat Market, T. Photo: Thayer-Principals in the Calumet region’s first major oil strike shown examining crude oil at the rig on the farm of Radioan Yacuk, west of Thayer. Also Korean, Russians, Siberian and Mongolian visitors. Photo: Thayer’s Cash Store, owned by De Fries and Hockney, Third from left, William De Fries, next right, Jim Hockney and his father, Harold Hockney.

Hershman, Jr.; 3) John R., Lesta Ann Gibbons; 4) Jack Hershman, Helen R.

Hershman, Virginia (Wilson) Hershman, Nancy Hershman, John E.

If errors were made, please contact the Newton County Historical Society. 3) History of Goodland lead by Anne Meyer and Karen Schuette. Also housed Masonic Temple and gentleman’s quarters for Jacobs. Photos by Beth Bassett The North/South Railroad and Its Kentland Depot by Beth Bassett; photo taken in 1906, 16 mule and horse teams and drivers building the sub-grade one mile north of Ade for the CIS, part of the New York Central Railroad system Recollections and a Train Wreck by Beth Bassett; photo of school children atop the engine of the train that wrecked in Kentland on Oct. Curtis, Steve Rathbun, Chuck Thompson, Tom Kindell, Jim Hermanson, Dave Patterson, Jim Thompson, John Hess, Jim Johnston, Bob Johnson, Jim Burley, Larry Antcliff. Not pictured: Alberta Bernwanger, Thomas Purdy, Albert Yates, Rue Gene Starr.

Please note that all contributions to the editorial content of "The Newcomer" is all volunteer. The issue dates are based upon the seasons, following Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Early Photos, Goodland: 1) Griggs & Weishaar Building and Bringham Brothers 2) Jacobs building housed a dry goods store owned by Rufus Jacobs called the F. Are These Members of Your Family: 1) Gary Clifton of California purchased on family portrait – does anyone know the family pictured? 16, 1912 (Indiana Historical Society Digital Collection). Table 1 – team members, their numbers, height, and grade; Table 2 – Season Record stats Photo: Brook High School Basketball Team 1960-61 Senior Letterman: Larry Antcliff, Roy Kindig, Jim Burley, Bob Johnson, Chuck Thompson, Tom Kindell, Rocky Nelson, Jim Hermanson, Jim Johnston, Dave Patterson, Wayne Strole, John Hess, Jim Thompson. Picture taken by grandson Ivan Hafstrom on the occasion of the Smart Reunion. (2) 1934 Sectional Basketball Champions, Morocco Beavers: Wyle Dee Bryant, Elbert Archibald, Charles Myers, Albert Yates, Robert Ackors, Principal Cecil Grayson, Don Deardurff, Ivan Hafstrom, Coach Jessie Lash, Grover Padgett, Milton “Bud” Shuey, Tom Downs, Manager Daryl Brandt.

Miller Advertisers in the 1916 Atlas of Newton County. Lester, (father of Sarah); “Linnie” (Malinda Sapp), daughter of John and Sarah from Sapp Family Collection Mt. Ayr Hotel with Frank and Mary Johnson in horse and buggy. Ayr Band, 1919, Dick Harris, Gilbert Brown, Robert Hufty, Forest Asby, Perry Stucker, Ernest Corbin, Charlie Longwell, Carl Faylor, Fred Hardy, Bill Faylor, Cecil Shaw, Loran Snow, Donald Lynch, Hamlin Crisler, Kenneth Lynch, Clarence Corbin, Charlie Lynch, Mr. On Line With Our Officers, Submitted by President Janet Miller Photos: 1) Resource Window Display – “A Salute of Newton County Alumni”; 2) Glenn Miller display; 3) Members old prom dresses on display; 3) Kentland Girl Scout Troop 2097 tour – Breanna Jones, Leader Patricia Hudak, Candice Hudak, Chrystal Richardson; 4) South Newton Elementary 4 Photos of Herbs/Plants/Trees/Shrubs Used for Eating and Healing 1) Spikenard; 2) Wild Sarsaparilla; 3) Black Haw; 4) Seneca Snake Root; 5) Wild Onions; 6) Anise; 7) May Apple; 8) White Oak tree; 9) White Oak acorns; 10) Basswood; 11) Aspen; 12: Dutchman’s Breechers 1962 photo of Newton County Registered Nurses touring Eli Lilly in Indianapolis: Mary Farrell, R. Dan Graves, John Brown, Jonathan Bell, Neil Shue, Finley Shafer, Jacob Hosier, Fred Bartholomew, George Clark, George Weber, William Handley, F. Bottom row, standing – John Don, Andrew Flowers, Rev. Greenway, Fred Mashino Photos: Lake Village Elementary third grade class at Resource Center; Pat Wisniewski operating camera while Jeff Manes interviews Linda Schwartzlose, granddaughter of Alexander “Kankakee Ned” Barker; “Jennie Conrad” aka Verna Marcum posing with Linda (Barker) Schwartzlose during Kentland’s Sesquicentennial Resource Center Open House in October 2010.


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