Adult chat man free - Workstation group policy not updating

If you set group policies using Registry Editor on a local computer, then you may want to update group policy settings on the computer without having to restart the computer.This tutorial will show you how to manually force an update of computer and user Group Policy settings in Windows 10. When the time limit is exceeded, the command prompt returns, but policy processing continues.Causes a computer restart after the Group Policy settings are applied.

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This is something that hasn’t changed since I was doing Windows 2000 exams 🙂 The default interval between policies being applied is 90 minutes, plus or minus a figure between 0 and 30 minutes.

(This avoids all user and computer policies being seen and applied at the same time.

The following command will retrieve the computer objects from the Servers OU and run the Invoke-GPUpdate against them.

Be aware, this method will display the command prompt with “Updating Policy” on the computer objects you run it against. If you’re not using Server 2012, you can still achieve the above with fairly little effort using Powershell to generate a list of computers and PSEXEC to run the GPUpdate command.

Every time I finish one, I write a couple of paragraphs on how long to wait, or how to force the policy etc.

So I’ve finally got round to writing a post I can simply reference!

So bear this in mind if you’re running this against your desktops or laptops with users logged in. The following Powershell will get you a list of computers from the Servers OU and export them to a text file on the C drive. I’ve added a dummy first entry to the text file, for some reason PSExec fails the first entry so this gets around that.

11/02/17 I’ve written hundreds of posts about doing things with group policies.

This will return the number of computer objects in the OU, and ask if you’re sure.

This will run a GPUpdate /force on all computer objects in the OU selected and any child OUs and will refresh both the computer and user policies. This method, requires Server 2012, or Windows 8 with the remote server administration tools.

Examples include computer-targeted Software Installation. This option has no effect if there are no extensions called that require a restart.


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