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The MXR Custom Shop is responsible for recreations of vintage models such as the hand-wired Phase 45, as well as doing limited runs of pedals featuring premium components and highly modified designs such as the new Custom Comp.

The MXR Phase 45, a milder version of the Phase 90, was also released, as well as a programmable version, the Phase 100.

Most of the pedals had two outputs that provide two distinctly different versions of the same pedal. These original pedals in the series included the Dyna Comp, Distortion , Phaser, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Flanger and Time Delay.

In late 1983 MXR announced a digital sound effects pedal generator simply known as the ‘’Junior’’.

The Junior was released in early 1984 and was added to the other six pedals in the Series 2000 line.

The Junior boasted four sound effects: a laser, a clap, a snare and a high hat.

Barr later left MXR and went on to found Alesis, Sherwood, and the top five managers/engineers of MXR co-founded Applied Research & Technology, and Laiacona (was long gone when inbred fighting between genius Keith Barr and others within the MXR family caused the death of MXR) and had founded Whirlwind USA.

Jim Dunlop acquired the MXR brand in 1987 and continues the traditional pedal line of original MXR classics that have come to define the brand, such as the Phase 90 and Dyna Comp, as well as modern pedals like the Carbon Copy and Fullbore Metal.They had a new contoured shape, an all-metal chassis and an easily removable plastic battery compartment door.These were fully rubberized on the bottom surface and were remote-controllable.This experience led them to form MXR and begin producing their first original effect pedal design, the Phase 90, quickly followed by the Distortion , Dynacomp, and the Blue Box.Michael Laiacona joined this early MXR team in the key role of sales.The first period is now known as the "Script period," in reference to the cursive writing on the pedal’s casing.


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