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Difficulties in expressive communication (the ability to express oneself) are very common.

A free 3D shooter video game designed for teens and young adults with cancer.

Players control a nanobot who battles cancer and bacterial infections, and manages realistic, life-threatening side effects associated with the disease.

CHSCF is a 501C3 helping young adults diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 16 – 30 connect with each other through peer support groups and cancer camps.

We want to make it simple for young adults with cancer to find and utilize our website with links to all social support available to them.

The overwhelming majority of these often hard-to-find support organization were founded by and for young adults affected by cancer and almost exclusively and specifically support our generation. Canada's largest bilingual online resource for young adults, caregivers, family and friends.

It provides instant access to the resources and support services that help guide you through your cancer experience.

than expressive language skills (i.e., they can understand more speech than they can use).

This should provide optimism to parents regarding the capabilities of their children, as they can understand more language than their expressive skills suggest.

Maybe there are certain tasks and situations you’ve struggled with since childhood.


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