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Wow I recommend this fragrance for 25 men who believe in themselves. I never smelt the first formulation so I can't compare but I love it just the way it's balanced now. Back in '88 i first smelled this.that time my nose wasnt ready for the heavy petrol etc notes.was a game changer in the mens fragrance game.. Todays formulation i would say is more wearable,tempering the original for easy wear...thats a good thing if you dont like offending your co workers.

Compliments getter from the older women (I guess they remember some naughty adventures too LOL) and surprisingly the younger crowd too : P ! So according to my rating system 7/10 but it stood the test of time, I give an 2 pts so FINAL RATING 9/10! I think this formulation is just fine and still amazing.

my problem with the recent formulation is not about the longevity but the scent itself. performance sucks on me so does the projection got new bottle 2017 got to overspray, 8sprays to try to make it last longer its not the beast it used to be it is way softer dont get the gas smell anymore and on me the dry down smells just like grey flannel, does anyone else get that on the dry down? Comparing to 20 batches it is true, there is a change in performance and a slight change in scent.

It feels so fresh now unlike the bold original one. Ive seen reviews on hugo boss night of someone saying this is similar and far more better, this is nothing like the night bottle, it just smells like a leather jacket with a low outdated flowery scent from start to finish. Bottle from 2010 is intense and absolutely great performer, 2013 batch feels softer in scent and performance, but not far behind if not the same, maybe aging plays its role.

THere is still a hint of the old Fahrenheit but it's also so different. Sorry to disappoint but thats my opinion, try before you buy it. If I remember correctly, boxes/packaging changed in 2014 with a definitive reformulation, at this point scent changed the most, at least to my eyes and this scent change I would call as modernized.

Less harsh, less daring as others call it, not as strong with its unique petrol/gasoline vibe from leather and violet, noticeably softer scent with a prominent mix of vanilla, cinnamon, lavender and orange, while I do not get vanilla and cinnamon that much in older batches.

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