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Loves: If your partner – Libra, Valentine’s Day can equally well turn into heaven or hell for both.Libra with pleasure and gratitude be to take your gifts and invitations, if deems them worthy. Libra does not like to spend more, but always find than surprise you in return.Make it clear sign of the representative that is also very important to have this date in your calendar.

Scorpions are experts in wedding, dating and party tips.

This is your chance to one day get an idea of what could be your life together.

Hates: It would be a great mistake to give Leo a standard souvenir, as for wedding or dating, which not means a lot.

The gift should hint at Leo dignity or hobbies, to avoid any doubt whom he meant.

Hates: Suggest Virgo see Mike and Dave wedding dates – bad idea.

Also talk about the wedding, dating and other discussion is better to postpone until later.

Hates: Do not attempt to use the holiday as an opportunity to clarify the relationship.

Even if you really need wedding dates, talk about it sooner or later, but not on Valentine’s Day.

Likes: Usually Scorpio is looking forward to this day and is prepared in advance, to express their feelings in a festive atmosphere.


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  4. Somedays I’ll feel like I’ll be OK and other days I feel like I don’t know if I’ll ever trust anyone again, especially a man.

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