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I've wanted to go to do my nursing degree for a long time, I would love to work in emergency setting. It was made very clear in the open day that it would be hard slog and would have lots of varied shifts to work as experience but I'm worried I won't beable to meet it. What support is there for child care, is there burrsery or financial support???? Hi, I studied as a student nurse for a year in 2012, and then I quit because of how hard it was.I've done nvq level 2&3 in care and have other qualifications, when I went to see collage careers advisor she told me I should apply straight for uni with the qualifications I already have. What I'm about to tell you isn;t to scare you, nursing is an amazing and rewarding career, but I had false expectations of how hard it would be and I just thought you might find it useful to hear the experience from someone whose been there.

Some days you don't get lunch and you hold your bladder for hours because you don't have time to go to the loo.

You are required to attend all lectures as you have to complete a set amount of theory hours to pass the criteria for each year. The job in itself is very physically and mentally demanding, you'll be on your feet for 12 hours sometimes, moving patients and equipment, doing rounds and running to pharmacy.

I have many friends who have done this course and similar. She did her training when it wasn't as strict and as hard as it is now. You are basically being given a first-class pass to uni to progress your career to a much better level than it is now.

I have heard horror stories but nothing will put me off. (Not meant in a patronising way but there's no comparison when it comes to care assistant work vs. It's something you clearly WANT to do and have for a long time - I think you would really regret it further down the line if you didn't go for it. I think the rules in scotland and england are different.

It is incredibly hard and there is an element of giving your life to it, and I hadn't had my son then I honestly don't think I could do it now I have him and I actually quit when I got pregnant with him because I was already struggling and knew I couldn't do it with a baby.

I was a full time carer before I started but the course was much harder.

There are a lot of jobs around at the moment as well.

The bursary is income assessed but its not very much. I am in the same boat but my son will be a year old when I start, I'm most worried that I will be spending to much time on my course and not enough time being mum.

Patients can be challenging, for instance a patient once broke my fingers, I've been threatened, sworn at and had things thrown at me. Staff can be challenging, I've been bullied, shouted at and talked down too.


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