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“I’m also aware that tonight is the big team party where typically hazing occurs.As you all know, we are getting watched tightly since our school has a reputation of this type of thing.” “By whatever do you mean coach,” Hayden asked in a mock innocent voice. I’m not too far removed from your position so I know it’ll happen no matter what.And I don’t mean one tit is a D and the other is a D to equal DD…I mean a legit double D bra size.” “Now how did 8 place Highland College grab the top ranked high schooler in the nation?

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No more of these easy victories over lesser schools.

Next game we play a real time and start the regular season,” she began.

Junior transfer Caity Lotz with a calm pass to fellow rookie Anna Sophia Robb.

The 18-year-old sets up to pass to the under-utilized Taylor Swift but no!

Until recently she was one-half of the nations best beach pairing and was on the verge of representing the country at the last Olympics.

Until she got busted for a DUI and further drug charges laid against her.

Now we are up 23-4 against the thoroughly demoralized opponent.” “And what do you think the biggest difference in our team this year is to the team that lost in the quarter-finals last year, ultimately finishing 8 place,” the one color commentator asked the first. Last years team was extremely beautiful but somehow they got even hotter this season and improved their talent.

Amanda Seyfried makes way in the all important defensive and leadership position, and even though she had a rack that I’d sell my left kidney to motorboat for the night, she didn’t have the most talent.” “And now of course we have the highly touted Emma Watson in that spot. ” “Other than having the face of an angel, legs for days and an ass that is unrealistically plump for her skinny frame?

It was due to several pledges rushing sororities who spilled the beans of what their initiation had so now the whole school was on lockdown.

But hearing Erica helping them, rather than attempting to block the event made the team respect their new coach more.

But I don’t want to lose any of you by you girls getting caught and then being suspended for the season.


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