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The variation in content of the vessels found in different geographical areas could highlight a special trading relationship between the Hittite heartland in Turkey and the Cypriot potters who produced the ware, and a possible trade in bitumen as a raw material between the north Syrian coastal area of Ugarit and Cyprus.

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Evidence of the influx of east European immigrants can be seen all around the town.

It was impossible to determine whether the beeswax, bitumen and resin formed part of this mixture or represented post-firing treatments of the ceramic to make it less porous.

The identification of more than one type of residue indicates that RLWm ware vessels did not always contain the same commodity.

In his prerecorded video message for the audience at Warsaw's National Opera house, in which he said 'As you know, Poland is a country I admire greatly' Mr Bedford says that the council has worked hard on its social impact report.

The leader of the opposition Labour group was appointed to chair the immigration inquiry in order to give it cross-party credibility.

Beeswax was, with two exceptions, only present in samples from Turkey, while bitumen was found exclusively in samples from Cypriot sites.

The occurrence of at least one example of every commodity in the samples from Cyprus is consistent with the theory that this ware was manufactured on Cyprus, and indicates that the vessels could also have been filled and exported from there.

To that end, 101 RLWm ware sherds, together with three visible residues, were examined from sites in Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and Syria.

Residues were identified in more than half of the samples, indicating that organic material is absorbed into and preserved in this very fine fabric.

He says he is very happy with the school and that his five-year-old daughter has many Eastern European friends.

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