Effects of dating violence

The North Carolina courts are very vigilant when it comes to protecting victims of domestic violence or alleged acts of domestic violence.

If you are being charged with a domestic violence offense , but you are innocent until proven guilty.

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If you have a fairly clean criminal record an experienced attorney can increase your chances of serving probation rather than prison time.

If you are wrongly accused of the offenses you are charged with, we will fight tirelessly for you, represent you and defend you against any wrongful accusations.

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We want to put your mind at ease knowing you have entrusted your case to an experienced criminal defense lawyer attorney who is only concerned with getting you the of domestic violence. A domestic violence charge can come between people related in many different ways.


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  3. Please Note: Records of individuals who left service less than 62 years ago are non-archival and remain in the legal custody of the Department of Defense (see Records Center Program for more information on access).

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