Greek erotik

What follows offers a taster of these images and of my book --not as evidence for what happened in ancient bedrooms (which was probably no more or less remarkable than is happening now) but for how some of the inhabitants of these two different and diverse worlds used sex to think about who they were and wanted to be; as evidence too of what turned them on and made them laugh.That museums display this material today also throws light on the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century collectors who preserved these things for longevity. The motive was unusual in Italy in 16th century, e.g.

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Not that any of these images make the Greeks and Romans decadent or debauched; not when they are put back into a world in which people hung phallic pendants around their necks and from their doorways and worshipped gods who had the power to punish with their penises.

Instead, they underline the distance of the Greeks and Romans, and remind us that even if we could time-travel back to ancient Pompeii, we would inevitably be lost in translation; that the Romans conceived of their bodies and of the relationships between men and women, mortals and gods, public and private, differently from the Greeks and from us.

Renaissance tried to pick up on antique Greek and Roman art and drew from it.

The resemblance of man’s penis was a symbol of fertile natural force for the Greeks and phallus itself was a symbol of the Satyrs – guides of the God of wine, Dionysus.

Reputedly, service depiction should have overcome a language barrier among nations of the whole Roman Empire; e.g.

a Syrian sailor, who just arrived to Rome and did not know a word in the Latin language, knew exactly what he could expect according to the picture.These Satyrs as well as Pan, the God of herds and hunt who Satyrs blend with, represented then appetence in Renaissance. The Greek word „pan“ means everything – it permeates all things.The head composed of penises shows that its owner does not think of anything else; the medal represents natural uncultivated sexuality which possesses men.During a wedding, we flash back to some of the sexual escapades between the people attending the ceremony.This film has it all - steamy group sex, threesomes, nasty interracial couplings, lesbian vignettes and anal escapades! read more "Idoni kai pathos" is yet another example of vintage Greek porn.The obverse displays bust of a horned man in toga from the left side.

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