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She spread the shitty head on my lips, forcing me to open.

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Then, I felt a new force pressing against my shitter, spreading the opening even wider. Insanely I grunted and gasped, offering my abused body to their lusts, letting them use and violate my genitalia, twisting and turning it this way and that, my asshole lewdly stretched with their cunt toy.

"I want to hear him beg for it," said Dara, her voice thick with lust, kissing Karla's face. "No," said Dara savagely, slapping my exposed ass, "beg to be fucked." "Pleaasee," I begged, "it hurts, I-I-'m not used to it." My asshole was burning and my whole form was trembling in bound abuse.

Karla buried her punishing dildo into my backside, the titanic member sliding in and out of my flaming asshole. "OHHHHbaby, ohhh, ohhhh," moaned Karla, slamming the full length of her hard dildo into my bowels again, wriggling her stick in my shithole, groaning in blissful orgasm.

"Uuuuooohhhhhhhh," I moaned in carnal lust as I felt the incredible heat of the ass fucking. I shuddered with the painful bliss of being so completely sodomized as my sucking asshole enveloped her cock-shaft, enjoying letting her bury herself completely inside me.

I tried to push back, fucking her dildo with my cunt asshole. I fucked my body back, a hole to be filled by my mistresses' hard cocks, engulfed by incredible pleasure! "C'mon, you fucking whore boy," cried Dara, her bald cunt rubbing against Karlas cock sheath, her asshole clutching at my hot member.

I clenched my anal ring around her pounding fake black cock as my ass sent wild lewd signals to my steel hard cock in Dara's ass. "UNHHhhhhnnnnn," I moaned as my ass was slammed again, making me shake wildly and gasp at these startling sensations of sensual raunchiness. " Dara shrilled, her body shuddering in orgasm as Kara continued to writhe and thrust, penetrating deep inside of me, her cock distending my tortured bowels. My fuck frenzied fires built higher and higher with this double skewering and I felt my own hard chafing organ swelling again and bringing me to the brink of orgasm.

The rim of my asshole was stretched in a torrid burning that intensified as she hammered the full length of her dildo into my sodomized ass canal.

She thrust every inch of the long fuck pole into my asshole until her hips pressed against my ass cheeks, the hilt of the ass fucker pressed against the bottom of my balls.

My head exploded in sheer carnal sexuality and I knew nothing but fucking.

I was being battered from two directions; my cock jammed up Dara's ass in exquisite agony; Karla's cock slammed into my bowels in sodomized torture.

"AAAHHHHHHH," I cried out, blind with lust as she impaled herself on my throbbing dick, swallowing my cock in her ass, sitting on my smooth naked groin, squeezing the forever vibrating dildo in my own ass and continuing to drive me insane, hitting some deeply erotic spot inside of me... " I protested as one of the girls finally pulled out the vibrator from my now open asshole. "Unnhhhhh," I moaned, my ass rising and opening for the now sweet sensation of getting fucked by her dildo. " said Karla for the first time, driving the head of the large black cock through my anal bud, implanting it my asshole, and then pushing it in all the way. " I screamed again, carnal pleasure sweeping through my violated asshole, again hitting my sweet spot...


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