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The results, which were based on elements such as whether their pupils dilated in response to sexual stimuli, showed that 82% of the women tested were aroused by both sexes.

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Women are finally exploring what genuinely turns them on, rather than what they think, or have been told, is sexy.

Many of the women I spoke to for this feature, told me that the pleasure of watching gay porn was both voyeuristic and educational - as well as learning what turns them on, it teaches them about men’s sexual desires.

Dr Mc Clintock found that women were more likely than men to report bisexuality.

Because, while 'lesbian porn' has long done a roaring trade among straight men, it seems a growing number of women are turning to man-on-man action to get them going.

“Women have a right to explore their sexuality in the same way that men do,” she adds.

Porn may be more accessible than ever before, but women’s interested in dude-on-dude action is actually nothing new.

"However, women with the same sexual attractions, but less favourable heterosexual options might have greater opportunity to experiment with same-sex partners." But for men, higher levels of education were associated with a lower likelihood of identifying as "100 per cent heterosexual", while physical attractiveness had no clear association with sexual identity.

Dr Mc Clintock said: "Men are less often attracted to both sexes. If a man is only attracted to one sex, romantic opportunity would little alter his sexual identity." The study also found that women were more likely to change their sexual identities between the ages of 22 and 28.

"Women with some degree of attraction to both males and females might not be drawn into heterosexuality if they have favourable options in the heterosexual partner market.

"Women who are initially successful in partnering with men, as is more traditionally expected, may never explore their attraction to other women.

"It all seemed so fake and the guys were generally unattractive." Then she stumbled across a man-on-man scene.


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