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shameless plug here) It’s reasonably easy to achieve these stats with the Tailoring Epics.

I put Solid Star of Elune’s in all my blue slots to help with the Stam, and healing gems in the other slots.

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Take everything with a grain (or three) of salt and do what works for you and your play-style.– 23/38/0 This build takes 23 points into Disc to get Imp Divine Spirit.

If you are the only Priest in a raid I definatley think this is the way to go.

A comma-separated list of addon (directory) names; if no addons on this list are loaded, the client will load your addon when the user logs in; if at least one addon on this list is loaded, your addon is treated as Load On Demand.

Introduced in patch 2.1; an example of a Load Manager is Addon Loader.

Author’s note: This guide was written while Patch 2.3 was active.

All info/gear/talents/spells that were introduced or changed since then are not included or considered unless otherwise noted.

There are a number of ways to determine the current interface version.

The value of this tag is displayed in the Add Ons list.

The healing enchants listed below are also very important to get to that 1.5k Heal. Gear The Primal Mooncloth and Whitemend sets are HIGHLY recommended for Priests.

I wrote an article in my blog about why, but here’s the short version. The Heal on Tier 4 is about 60 less than the Tailoring, but the other stats are higher.

If you don’t take Holy Concentration, move points from Holy Specalization to Spell Warding since you won’t be getting as much advantage from the crits.


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