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I never understood how anyone could like this perfume but clearly many do and they are very lucky to smell something beautiful.

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The search is on for an unopenedbox of the vintage juice. I know people love this but for me it literally make me ill.

I remember being on the school bus many years ago and it would stink of poison and give many of us headaches and throw up I kid you not. I strongly dislike this perfume with a passion it just horrible.

It smells nothing like traditional male scents, but it is warm and spiced enough for a man to pull it off.

When I wear Poison, I put one spray on my bare chest, and either a spray on the back of my neck OR on my wrists! I will without fail get a compliment or two whilst wearing Poison.

An unrivalled alchemy; spicy, fruity, woody fragrance of enigmatic profoundness that mesmerizes the senses…forever.

Top notes include coriander, wildberries, orange honey, tuberose are at perfume’s heart, while base note features opopanar.That being said, it's an intruiging sweet, tangy, fruity scent. The new formulation resembles the classic, ubiquitous goddess scent of the late '80s and '90s the same way those revolting imposter drug store body sprays resemble the costlier scents they are trying to duplicate.I find that if I dab it on the back of my neck, it will waft around nicely, and isnt so "in my face." I think, though, that if I were next to someone who had sprayed this repeatedly, I would likely become nauseated. A pale, far inferior version of its once glorious self.I've tried but I just can not smell what others smell as people adore it and I wanted to as well.My review is for the up to date 2017 version, whatever that may be. reapplied it a couple of times just because I was home and I wanted to...If the formulation has changed as I have just read, then I don't know if I would love it or hate it. :-( I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with this perfume. I have always found it to be so incredibly spicy, warm, sweet (but not obnoxiously sweet) and very, very mysterious!

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