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She was restless, and some demon in her urged her to explore the house, poking into corners and closets in the hope that she might discover the hiding place of the presents that would be hers in such a short time.

But children's lives are half-made up by the drives of curiosity and impatience, and so she made her tour, clad in her pajamas.

Burt spent more and more time as the years sped by in 'afterhours' development of his sales.

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Her body only just beginning to fill out with roundness, her blonde hair hanging full about her bare shoulders so that it tickled, small pink lips, bare of hair, shadowed between her smooth round thighs, she stood naked in front of the mirror and stepped into the dress.

The touch of the silk on her bare skin put goosebumps of pleasure on her warm flesh as it slid up her slender frame.

Michael, at fifteen, spent much of his time at his friends' homes in close-by areas, free as a bird on his bike, but Maryon, who by nature seemed to be introspective, and a lone wolf even at ten, spent most of her time dutifully around the house, amusing herself with her dolls and her books, half-ignoring the fluttery flow of words her mother trailed behind her at such times as she wasn't being hypnotized by the tube's view of the world as illustrated by the soaps.

Reaction to her mother's constant reiterations for her to 'act like a little lady' and 'mind her manners' and 'not act the tomboy' came through in the way she treated her own dolls, admonishing them in the same phrases on the one hand, and on the other taking a devilish enjoyment in acting out for them the unladylike, unmannerly and tomboyish that earned them their reprimands.

A thrilling spirit of excitement sparkled those clear blue eyes now, and brought pink color to her smooth, fair cheeks.

She slipped off her stool and stepped quickly to the clothes closet, intent on dressing up in the silent, secret house.Lots of Lois' words, written, uttered or merely thought, were set within 'quotes', or italicized.While Burt equally dwelt in a world of unreality and insubstantiality, his mind a constant fabrication of half-truths, flatteries, and flimsy sales-pitches, their worlds were far apart.The Swelts were not a very close family at any time -- Burt had long since found Lois, his wife of an early-aged marriage, something of a bore, and she, him, a boor.Their attitudes, carefully unvoiced in front of the children, nonetheless were sensed by them, so that Mike and his sister unconsciously drew more companionship and the sustenance of reassurance from each other than might ordinarily have been the case.The result, after a few minutes of concentration, didn't seem at all bad to her, and a wisp of tissue soon cleared away the slight smudge at one comer of her shining, rosebud lips.


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