Sarah brightman and frank peterson dating

‘But it’s still not something you can play with,’ she says, ‘This isn’t just packing an overnight bag for a weekend trip.’ Hell no. She’s been pricked, prodded, spun around at 170mph and assessed for mental stability.

‘Apparently, everyone is most scared of the psychological tests,’ she says. What I’ve found out is I may be creative and imaginative but I’m also extremely together.’ So, it’s official, you’re not away with the fairies? Andrew, who was married at the time to his first wife Sarah Hugill with two children under five, was besotted.

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Today, she’s sold more than 30 million records and in the US, where her albums have trumped Sir Elton John’s and the Rolling Stones’ for many years, she’s known as ‘the angel of music’.

But here in Britain, well, let’s just say mud sticks.

So, she’s forked out an estimated £20 million to be strapped into a Russian Soyuz rocket for a ten-day journey that will take her round the Earth 160 times.

Despite some confusion last month when it emerged the Russian Space Agency might make it a month-long trip, which would have rendered Sarah unsuitable (and left her £20 million out of pocket), she’s since been told it’s all systems go.

We meet because Sarah is about to release her latest album Dreamchaser, which is, she says, inspired by her cosmonaut ambitions.

Since she announced her planned 2015 trip to the International Space Station last year she’s been accused of using it as a publicity stunt. We’re all sitting laughing at him because he’s enjoying himself so much.’ Which takes me to the thing I don’t really get about Sarah and Andrew.

He has concluded a global advertising campaign song for Panasonic and is preparing an installation show for a new hotel complex in Las Vegas.

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Because Sarah wants to boldly go where only one British woman (competition winner Helen Sharman) has gone before: space.

Frank Peterson was born in 1963 in Hamburg and raised near Lübeck.


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